"Japan's Last Ninja" Jinichi Kawakami dispells the Hollywood myth and explains the true roots of Ninjutsu, from self-defense and magic to ecology and mind control. He is accompanied by Mikiko Inoue on the koto.

Robert H. Lustig is an American pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) where he is a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. Dr. Lustig assesses the health dangers of sugar and its link to Type-2 diabetes and the global obesity epidemic.

Bren Smith's vertical ocean farm in Long Island Sound grows seaweed and shellfish and is designed to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and create blue-green jobs for fishermen

Arlene Brock, Bermuda's Ombudsman, emphasizes the importance of making decisions based on facts rather than mere opinion-against a backdrop of emotion and influence

Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley tells how what started as a documentary film project turned into a successful movement to have one day every year designated a global day of peace. Billions of people now hear and live the message of peace each September 21.
MIT professor Natalie Kuldell explains that with just a rudimentary developer's kit, anyone can engage in synthetic biology. But what will our planet eventually look like if students, teachers and adult amateurs can easily reprogramme the living world around them?

Dr. Rafael Grossmann is a general, trauma and advanced laparoscopic surgeon who believes using wearable and mobile technology like Google Glass and iPhone offers better patient care and saves lives.

How to use breakdance (the oldest and most exciting form of hip hop dance) to teach academics - including some mysteries of particle physics-in a theatrical and interactive presentation.

Andrew Park, the mind (and hand) behind the popular RSA Animate videos, discusses how to apply tools from theatre, comedy and conversation to break down complex ideas and present them in an a easy-to understand manner.

Chip Yates is the builder and pilot of the world's fastest electric motorcycle and airplane-and holder of 16 world records. His next adventure is building and piloting an all electric plane across the Atlantic that will be recharged mid-air. How will he do it? Watch and find out.