Jeff Masters Featured on TED's "Top 11 Talks That Freaked Us Out"

One of our hopes when we started to develop TEDxBermuda, was a desire to see our speakers featured prominently in the TED community. After Hurricane Sandy we were honored to have Jeff Masters' talk from our 2011 event featured as one of the "11 Talks That Freaked Us Out In 2012" on TED. With over 20,000 views and climbing, we are thrilled to see what was once on our small stage in tiny Bermuda, suddenly on the world stage. We hope that some of our other speakers will also one day be featured on

“In a talk given a year ago, meteorologist Jeff Masters presented the nine most devastating natural disasters likely to happen in the United States in the next 30 years. I didn’t discover this talk until right after Hurricane Sandy — which is number six on his list. Number four is happening too, right this second.” David Webber, TEDxTalks Manager